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Curriculum Schedule

As a Freedom Learning Specialist, children are encouraged to bring purpose, quality of life, and optimism for the future.  Learning is perceived as part of life.  Learning does not have to happen in a classroom.  

Freedom Learning includes:

  • Learning by child interests

  • Parent/teachers learn alongside the child

  • Child chooses how they want to learn

  • Learning happens constantly

  • Child is free to thrive without limitations

  • Child develops  independence, curiosity, self-direction, contribution, and autonomy

Curriculum Topics

The US Constitution

Bill of Rights

America Today


  • Handmade crafts

  • Math and Science in the kitchen

  • Letter writing with a purpose

Founding Fathers

Westward Expansion

Civil war

Civil War Strategies

Enrichment Classes
Transportation in America
Build a Business
Minecraft IRL

Supporting Documents

Matthew 19:26 NIV "With God all things are possible."

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